CFO function

Large portion of small and medium size enterprise cannot hire experienced CFO, because this competency can cost significant sum of money. F&I Advisory enables that with affordable pricing. Our experienced professionals will provide you with these important competencies:

CFO function

a) Working capital optimization. A large portion of businesses face financial problems because of one simple reason – lack of Working capital. These Working capital problems arise from these main reasons: a) the inventory is too big, b) the payment delay to suppliers is too short c) the buyers payment delay is too long. All these problems different way of dealing with them (for example inventory financing, factoring, negotiations with suppliers and buyers) and F&I Advisory team provide wide specter of solutions, fine-tuned to each customer needs.
b) Cash flow management. Cash flow management is one most demanding function from shareholders and managers in terms of time and energy. F&I Advisory offers broad and full cash flow management service that is we make sure that Your business will always have financial resources for everyday functioning.
c) Back-office process optimization. A lot inefficiency and therefore unnecessary costs are in Back-office. Our long term experience in back-office restructuring will allow Your business to work in more efficient manner and will reduce costs.
d) Analytical function. F&I Advisory team will provide you with full analytical support, that is identify which processes or products make You the most money, and which processes or products are not that profitable. These services also include periodic analytical reporting with Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
e) Financial consulting in everyday work and negotiations. In often cases shareholder or manager is in need of personal or business financial consultation. Before provide quality service any outside consultant will have to dig deep into personal or business situation. That takes time and money. F&I Advisory as your everyday service provider will be able to provide You with the consultation in operative manner regardless of circumstances.
f) Risk assessment and management. In often cases business does not asses and manage risk in consistent and objective manner and that can cause big losses or even bankruptcy. Our proposal is to create and implement risk assessment and management process on order for You not to worry about manageable business risks.


buhalterijos funkcija

In most cases accounting is little value adding function, that requires a lot of attention, time and creative energy (employee problems) from shareholders or managers, thus reducing attention time and creative energy available for business development and profit earning.
We offer quality services in providing you with accounting function with standard reporting, that enables You to take timely and informed business decisions so you can focus on profit maximization and business development.

Bank brokerage

In these days in order to get bank loan (or other bank financial product) You need:
- To prepare a large number of documents (business plan, application, to fill in company financial data). Preparation of these documents takes time an energy. If You want to get best conditions for the loan, You need to do this step with at least 4 banks in order that bank competition would yield result.
- To meet with representatives of each bank at lease 2-3 time and explain Your business, investment project and funding needs. You also have to know what to stress and what to avoid when talking with the bank representatives. This way the business becomes more attractive and thus yielding better funding conditions.
- Loan structure and loan conditions have to be negotiated with each bank. This also sucks time and energy from Your business.
- To agree on terms and conditions of the loan contract. Loan contract negotiations is time consuming process which requires specific competence in order to negotiate favorable conditions and not to have problems with different business cycle.
- Fulfill disbursement conditions. This is time and energy consuming step that adds no value to Your business, but is essential in order to receive bank money.

Our offered bank brokerage services are aimed to achieve best bank financing offer and to negotiate the terms and conditions. You won’t have to worry about negotiations with the banks or technical details, You will be able to spend this time to develop Your business.

The service include:
a) Gathering and providing initial information to the banks
b) Initial offer analysis and comparison
c) Negotiations with the bank
d) Agreeing upon the contract
e) Fulfillment of the disbursement conditions


We offer these advantages:
a) Connections and relationships. Our professionals are ex-bankers that have wide and deep relationships in all commercial banks, that often help to achieve better deals with the banks.
b) Experience. Our professionals are ex-bankers that know inside procedures and information, that has to be or does not to be disclosed during negotiations. This way we can achieve better financing conditions.
c) Time and attention. Since these services are our “bread and butter” we can fully dedicate time and attention to You financing needs in order to achieve best loan conditions.

Business development and investment project financing

Large portion of small and medium size companies cannot achieve their full potential not because of lack of ideas or market potential, but because of lack of capital. Our services include capital acquisition for business development. Capital acquisition can have many forms:
a) Business angel finance
b) Bond issue
c) Bank finance
d) Private equity and venture capital
e) EU financing
f) Mezzanine
g) Strategic and financial investor
h) Combinations of the above

investiciju paieska

In many cases shareholders and managers are so involved in their day-to-day business activities do not think about different capital acquisition means and possibilities. From business point of view, this approach lets maximize profits, however from financial point of view, this approach hinders business development. Our professionals have large and extensive experience in organizing different capital acquisition means. Our services include:
a) Business case preparation (prospect/presentation/financial model). Every potential investor needs to be sure that Your business case is viable and based on objective assumptions and sustainable business model. We will prepare this information for You.
b) Finance structuring. We will prepare financial structure tailored for Your needs and long term goals.
c) Investor short-list preparation. During extensive years of practice our professionals have acquired a large database of potential investors that we can utilize for Your investment needs.
d) Agree upon financing terms and conditions. It takes a lot of time and energy to agree on financing terms and conditions. We will negotiate the best financing terms based on your principle position and long term goals.
e) Financing contract negotiations. Contract negotiations is long and boring process, where technical details are finalized. If Your are interested in final result – acquisition of capital for business development – leave this topic to us, and invest this time into business increasing profitability.
f) Fulfill disbursement conditions. This is time and energy consuming step that adds no value to Your business, but is essential in order to receive bank money. Leave this to us!

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